Creating ridiculously good content for LinkedIn- excerpt from “Everybody writes” #1

3 things everyone should have on LinkedIn:

  1. Optimized profile- what comes in this?- keyword-rich profile description, attractive headline, back-linking to blogs, Twitter handle, and an active sharing of content CONSISTENTLY. When you put in the efforts daily, you grow.
  2. The company page should have a full description and a great banner.
  3. Habit to create useful news from company page- From following influencers to diving into Pulse each morning to following relevant companies and other thought leaders, it’s easy to find, curate, and share relevant content.

Is it better to share content as an individual or through a Company page?

What time should you post, and how often?

Do different kinds of updates work for Sponsored Updates? Or does that just give engaging posts a needed boost?

  1. Optimize introductions and headlines and add your point of view.
  2. Think like a journalist by using concise intros and snappy headlines for higher conversion.
  3. Always include a clear call to action, such as a link.
  4. Include an image or some type of rich media. Images generally result in an 89 percent higher comment rate.
  5. Align content to your member’s needs and interests.
  6. Make your content snackable and valuable.
  7. Manage your updates by measuring engagement and following up on comments



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